Your Last Resort to Managing Your Pain for Good

Your Last Resort to Managing

Your Pain For Good

Redefining exercise for people with chronic pain and illness   



Jaime Glassman R.Kin Registered Kinesiologist

I’m the super hero that nobody wants but everyone needs. It’s hard enough to exercise when you’re in pain, you’ve tried time and time again without reaching your goals or you haven’t found a process that works for you, for your life on your terms. The fear of moving in pain is real but help is on the way!

This is where The Movement Maven comes in. We care about your story and want to help you rewrite it by showing you how amazing your body is, what it is capable of and how you can actually manage your pain and illness with the right movement and exercise tools. We want to help you return to a life of function so you can do the things you love with ease in a way that makes sense for you and your life. 

I Work With...

Disrupting Your Lifestyle:

Transform your life with Jaime, as she guides you to dive deep into unexplored facets of your daily routine. Uncover the negative patterns that contribute to pain, stiffness, and fatigue, and develop a newfound appreciation for mindful movement. Rediscover a more dynamic, liberating, and energized lifestyle, curated uniquely for your body and needs.

Educate on Movement:

Knowledge is power – and that's especially true when it comes to moving your body. Jaime empowers her clients to understand the complexities of the human body. Learn how each muscle, joint, and ligament interacts while uncovering crucial insights into injury prevention and pain management.

Posture & Movement Correction:

Reinvent the way you move with posture and movement correction techniques that will redefine your relationship with your body. Jaime will teach you targeted exercises and strategies designed to address ________

Keys to Success:

Combining evidence-based techniques, expertise, and contagious enthusiasm, Jaime is the perfect ally for you on your body's quest to thrive. Her expertise in kinesiology allows for a safe, effective, and sustainable plan. Discover the value of setting realistic objectives, tracking progress, and celebrating milestones as Jaime guides you through every step.

Personalized Lifestyle Plan:

Experience a truly customized approach to health and wellness that puts your unique needs and goals at the forefront. Jaime encompasses every facet of your life by considering all aspects of your physical and mental wellbeing, while creating an effective and attainable plan, so you can thrive and enjoy the journey to your best self.

Exercise is medicine.

Let's find the right dose for you together.