Pain for the Workplace Warrior

A gentle, individualized program to get out of pain and regain your independence 

Meet The Movement

Jaime Glassman R.Kin Registered Kinesiologist

The Movement Maven wants to release you from your personal pain prison and show people how easy it is to be free again. We will integrate movement solutions into your life to reduce and even eliminate back, neck and knee pain. By using online or in person coaching, we can find a way to create sustainable, life changing programs that can progress and adapt as you do. The Movement Maven wants to create a gentle, safe, fun and supportive environment to make it easier and enjoyable to integrate movement and exercise into your life and ultimately reduce/eliminate your pain. Jaime educates on form and movement patterns and creating lifestyle plans that are individualized to YOU based on your needs, goals and capacity using an evidence based model and approach. If you want to improve your performance at work, in sport or in life all with reducing your risk of injury and pain, The Movement Maven has the tools to help you succeed.

I work with...

Disrupting your lifestyle

Educate on Movement

Posture & Movement Correction

Create keys to success

Personalized Lifestyle Plans

Exercise is medicine. Let's find the right dose for you together.