Exercise and Your Immune System

*Please be advised that the opinions of this blog are solely the opinions of the author and should not constitute as medical advise. Please seek a trusted health professional with any health related matters that you may have*



As a Kinesiologist in Toronto, Ontario, I think it’s important to identify that exercise can help you boost your immune system and HOW?



Firstly, During this difficult time, I think it is important to maintain contact with your health professionals to ensure that you’re staying SAFE. Ensure that you’re listening to doctors for information and how to maintain optimal health with the help of your trusted health care professionals.



Staying within my own scope of practice, exercise is medicine, be sure to identify how to use your body to help protect you during this time.



Studies have shown that you can enhance immune function with REGULAR, MODERATE EXERCISE. Additionally, a vigorous bout of exercise can suppress the immune system but regular, moderate exercise can COMBAT that. ALTHOUGH, continuous strenuous activity coupled with inadequate nutrition can further suppress the immune system.



What does this all mean? Regular, moderate exercise has the capability to protect you and help you manage your immune system. That some vigorous exercise is good for you with a program that includes regular, moderate exercise as well and appropriate nutrition is important for maintaining your immune system as well. Additionally, especially for athletes or even general population that just use strenuous activity as their primary form of exercise, to ensure that they’re also incorporating recovery days and lower intensity exercise to keep them safe and strengthen the endurance of their muscles and heart and lung function. Further, it’s important to identify what moderate and vigorous exercise means for you and how to ensure that you’re exercising for your body because we all respond to things differently. Especially if you have any concerns like pain, illness or disease, it’s important to learn about your body and how to safety integrate exercise for your health. If you have any questions on maintaining your health, please ensure that you maintain contact with your trusted health professionals like Naturopathic Doctors, Physiotherapists, Kinesiologists, Dieticians, Social Workers, Psychologists etc… As a Kinesiologist in Toronto, Ontario, I work with my patients on their overall movement and function, pain rehabilitation to get them back to their work and/or activities and improve their overall performance in these areas and their quality of life ALL THE WHILE teaching them to use movement and exercise ON THEIR OWN in a SAFE and EFFICIENT manner for THEIR LIFESTYLE. 



Education is so important at this time and your specific health concerns and pain management are still important. A lot of health professionals including myself are available through Telehealth communication options to help identify how to maintain your health in these uncertain times.



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