I can’t because of my pain!!!

I’ve heard it a million times…but I’m in pain so I can’t workout/move/go out/work, whatever it is, pain is holding me back.


The problem is, that our current healthcare system is limited in how we educate on exercise. We got to our doctor and are told to rest or exercise.




Well first, let’s see how you move. Can you go to the bathroom? Walk up and/or down stairs? Sit in a chair? Get in and out of bed? Do laundry/dishes/cleaning around the house? Even if you’re in pain, that gives us a good idea of what level of function you have since these are generally things we all as humans need to do.


Once we’ve established that you have a certain level of function, next is our assessment. What causes pain and what provides relief? What doesn’t aggravate anything at all? How does your body respond to touch or other movements further away from the area of pain?


Then we can see the relationship to your pain and how it effects you! Is there sharp shooting pain/dull ache/radiating/centralized/numbness/tingling? Is it worse in the morning or at night? Does it hurt more with movement or at rest? Does it wake you up at night? Pain with certain positions? Do you have flares or is pain a constant or both!? How often do you have flares or higher levels of pain? How long do they last for? How often do you get them? How does it limit you when you do have them?


Once we have this information is becomes really clear where to start! Start with what you can do, don’t overdo it, listen to your body and take it one day at a time.It also becomes clear how much you CAN DO! Our main goal is to be able to empower people to move and feel strong in their bodies starting with what you can do and making it easier to continue to do what you love.


I’ve been there. That feeling of uncertainty when you go to sleep at night? How will you be when you wake up? Will you be able to sleep through the night? It feels like it can go on forever.


That’s why its SO IMPORTANT to ask questions, advocate for yourself, get help and STAY STRONG!


If you want to take the guess work out of helping your body feel good and strong, send me an email! Let’s start living your life, with support and guidance instead of living in fear of it.




The Movement Maven

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