So What the HECK is a Kinesiologist

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As a Kinesiologist in Toronto, Ontario, I think it’s important to identify what the HECK a Kinesiologist actually is and what they can do for you. Well, our profession is build on the the fact that EXERCISE IS MEDICINE. Exercise continues to be proven to reduce the risk of disease, illness and injury. The problem is, how do you administer it correctly for your body. You go to your doctor and they identify a health concern and they say, change your diet and exercise to help with [diabetes], [high blood pressure], [high cholesterol], [high trigyclerides] and/or [pain] (just to name a few).



Now what do you do? You refer to the Canada’s food guide, hire a personal trainer, Dietician, go see a Physiotherapist or Chiropractor for assistance on your pain points but who brings it all together for your. That’s where a Kinesiologist fits in. The scope of practice of a Kinesiologist is “the assessment of human movement and performance and its rehabilitation and management to maintain, rehabilitate or enhance movement and performance.” That’s a lot of stuff! We’re a health profession that is regulated to help you that’s PRIMARY FOCUS IS EXERCISE.



What does this not mean? This does not mean we are in competition with each other or other health professionals.






Because we all work together for the betterment of YOUR HEALTH and exercise is medicine. It’s been proven to aid in the prevention and maintenance of illness and disease, prevent injuries, rehabilitate injuries and improve overall function and quality of life. Kinesiologists focus on your WHOLE BODY including (but not limited to):

  • Your pain areas
  • Your movement dysfunctions
  • Your return back to work or sport from an activity such as concussion, fracture, sprain/strain, cardiovascular event, respiratory event, etc…
  • Improve your cardiovascular and respiratory fitness FOR YOUR HEALTH and can also help with your PERFORMANCE in sport and life
  • Your energy levels including your stamina



Most importantly, Kinesiologists will listen to your WHOLE STORY to determine where you came from and how we can move you forward. We create support for your body, your mind and your quality of life by providing you progressive treatment that teaches you how to live and own your own body and life.



We are all different in terms of our personality, our education and our areas of expertise but we are all (I hope) committed to optimizing your overall function as a human being and support you through the process.

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