Why New Year New Me Is Bullshit

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The new year coming puts a lot of pressure on you/. We all have an idea in our head about the person we want to be and what we should have accomplished in the past year and hope to in the new one. Thanks to social media, a lot of that has to do with the comparison of ourselves to other people and the pressure we put on ourself to be better than we were the year before. Whatever you perceive success to be, that is what you see as the epitome of perfection. If you haven’t gotten to that level of perfection yet, it feels like you’ve failed for that year. There’s also an extreme level of guilt that comes along with feeling like you haven’t accomplished everything you set out for this year.

What I really want to know is, where were you at last year, 9 months ago, 6 months ago, 3 months ago and how has it changed you to now. In the last year, I have really done some inward digging with the help of some amazing people along the way on who I want to be and more importantly, how I want to help you feel like the strongest version of you. I always held onto the idea that in order to be successful I had to change my whole life to be PERFECT in a year. I’ve learned through the right support and experiences in the last year, that it really just has to be about setting reasonable, attainable, specific goals that you can accomplish and can actually move you forward and help you grow. It’s actually a huge relief that I can set my own goals, actually attain them and get better at things I never thought I could (more to come on this in future blog posts).

What I’ve really learned this year is that every single day is an opportunity to help yourself and that we waste so much time comparing ourselves to the perceived success of others, feeling guilty for the things we’ve done wrong and being fearful of the consequences of the things we haven’t even done yet (well…I can only speak for myself but…can anyone else relate???). This year, I’ve decided to take a different approach. I want to evaluate my year, see where I’m at and refocus for the new year. It all boils down to goal setting and that it doesn’t have to be the be all end all but it can give us direction and purpose. It also takes a load off my shoulders that I don’t have to be perfect, I can continue to grow and that it’s okay where I’m at. Here’s a list of things I’ve accomplished since January 2019:

  • Quit a job that made me unhappy
  • Started actually focusing on what I want to do, how I want to help people and why I want to do what I do (side note: I have always cast a wide net for myself in terms of friends, family, career, etc… and with that perceived idea of perfection it’s taken me years to get to some sort of specificity)
  • I’ve started reading again
  • Understood the value of water and how much is helps me feel good
  • Cooking more and finding really easy ways to make each day a little bit healthier and really learning that I can enjoy an healthy life without pain and depriving myself
  • Learning to live with a partner and share a life with someone else
  • Can get through spin class without feeling shortness of breath and neck pain
  • Allowing myself to not be perfect every day but to create small ways that I can be just a little bit improved today while also allowing myself to be human, have set backs and make mistakes with the mindset that I can always get back on the horse and I’m not where I started if I keep pushing forward sooner and anyways (work in progress but suspected to be ongoing for time #human)

Basically, all wrapped up together, I’ve learned that it’s not about living the perfect life that society puts on us or probably more, that we put on ourselves. It’s about celebrating our accomplishments, continuing to push forward and to acknowledge our humanness. I’ve learned that I was put on this earth to have a voice and to share it with others that may resonate with me even if the people in close proximity to me may not be those people. I want to help people that feel like they’ve tried everything to get out of pain but just can’t find something that sticks. People that want to feel heard and understood and met where they’re at in their lives but also find accessibility to progress and the support in regression with their pain and recovery. I want to show people how easy it can be to feel good in their bodies with the right amount of support, trouble shooting, acceptance and education. It’s about celebrating ourselves and finding ways to make our bodies feel good instead of punishing ourselves when we fall off our ‘plan’ but still leaving room for ‘imperfection’ or like I like to call it, enjoying being human. It’s not about short term success but making small changes to empower us to succeed, make mistakes, gain our own power back and ultimately, enjoy every part of life that we can! I want to celebrate you for what you’ve done, help you refocus and continue to grow, get better and continue to get stronger.

I don’t care about what you haven’t done, I care about what you’ve done, that you want to feel better and what we can do together to help you do the things you love without fear or limitation. It’s about what’s going on inside your body that effects HOW YOU FEEL on the inside in addition to HOW YOU FUNCTION. I want to make exercise and movement accessible to you regardless of how you feel now, I want to make every day an opportunity for you to set goals, forgive yourself and move forward in your independence.

Moral of the story, why New Year New Me is Bullshit because you don’t have to be a different person because the new year is here. You don’t have to feel guilty or ashamed of what you haven’t done because you’ve already been doing so much this year to set you up to achieve more goals this year and the next one. I want to help you create new goals to build on the success from your previous year, to identify the growth from getting through your set backs and continuing to grow. This new year I want to be a human that just wants to be better for me. I like the sound of that better. Who’s with me!

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