Why the Movement Maven?

Exercise should be doable and it can help with your symptoms no matter who you are

The Movement Maven Guide to Life

The Movement Maven wants to make being accountable for your health and getting movement in your life easier and do-able. Movement shouldn’t be hard! We’re advised to exercise for our pain or our health but WHAT DOES IT ALL MEAN BASIL “Austin Powers”. How do we actually do that!?!?!

Well, I want to help you make living your life fun and enjoyable again despite pain or limitations!! We’ll start with the FUNDAMENTALS of movement. What can you do and what can’t you do and focus on what makes you feel good!! Let’s us do the problem solving to give you back some of your independence. 

Then we’ll progress to INTEGRATION/PROGRESSION this is where we start to notice your strength and find ways that you didn’t even know movement was possible, maybe even enjoy it?? 

Finally we will progress to INDEPENDENT exercise programming and movement SOLUTIONS. This is where we find ways to keep you going with exercise and find ways to make it enjoyable for you to move. 

Moral of the story, I want to teach you to help yourself with a friendly guided support system to achieve your goals and stay on track for a healthy, sustainable life. Whether you want to be able to move a certain way, get out of pain or improve your posture, I got you covered with a plethora of movement based solutions.


Book a consultation below to find the best next steps for your success! 

Program Options

So now that I know that I need the assistance of the Movement Maven: NOW WHAT??

You have 3 options:

1. One-on-One Coaching: I work in home throughout the Toronto area as well as through Motus Training Studios at 15 Adrian Ave. Come for a consultation to see the space and meet me! My rates per hour are as follows: 

Per Session: 

$100/hour + hst  

$75/45 mins + hst 

$55/30 mins + hst   

Rock tape: $25/body part + hst         

2. Online Coaching: I provide online coaching to help you get on track with your exercise needs. Book a call and we can determine the best place for you to start! All you need is a decent internet connection and a space to move around!