21 Day Pain Relief Program



Are you in pain? Not sure where to start? Tried other forms of rehab without much success?? Ready to find a way to ease your body into movement and out of pain made EASY???


Introducing the new, 21 Day Pain Relief program! This is intended as an introduction to all the exercises I would teach you over the course of 4-6 weeks if you were to come see me in person! The easy part is, it’s just 1 exercise a day!

This program includes:

– 1 exercise a day delivered directly to your email with information about how to optimize each exercise for you

– Lifetime access to the recordings and content provided

– A tracking sheet to identify gold star exercises and some others that may need some work

BONUS: a 30 minute discovery call with the Movement Maven to discuss your next steps, trouble shoot and questions ($150 value)


*This program is intended as an educational tool only and is not treatment of any kind. This program does not replace medical care or personalized treatment. Please ensure that you follow up with a trusted health professional with any medical concerns that you may have.”